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Our shelf is built in oak and painted ash. The type of paint we use allows you to see the beautiful wooden structure underneath. The shelf was originally designed as a natural extension of our kitchen. Today it’s equally popular as storage space in other places at home.


SKU: P-1-107
  • We recommend oiling the bed 2-4 times every year.

    Clean the bed with a clean, damp cloth that has been wrung out in warm water.
    Then leave the bed to dry.
    Prior to applying the oil, polish the bed with fine sandpaper of grain 180-240 along the grain of the wood.
    Apply the oil to a clean cloth or sponge and apply it in a fine layer along the grain of the wood.
    Leave the oil to dry for approx. two hours and then remove any surplus oil with a clean, dry cloth.

    Note: Cloths or sponges which have been used for oiling may potentially spontaneously ignite and, therefore, they should be stored in an airtight metal or glass container. This also applies if the cloth is discarded.


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