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Malede køkkenlåger med greb i krom

Frame kitchen

Snedkerkøkken fra Stillark med bordplade i Silestone


Frame Kitchen is the original kitchen from Stillark. It is functional in layout, timeless in design and long lasting in construction. We have cut to the core of what we think makes a kitchen both sustainable and beautiful, and left out any current trends or futuristic technical solutions. The Frame Kitchen is a classic piece of craftsmanship. It is built to last, built to be maintained and designed to look good for decades.

Design details FRAME

We have designed a kitchen that can last a lifetime, both in quality and in style. Everyday spent in it's company will increase the appreciation for it's calm simplicity. The luxury lies in that every design detail is carefully selected and that we have made sure, each of them can survive everyday use as well as changing trends.

Colours FRAME

All our kitchens are painted. The type of paint we use allows you to see the beautiful wooden structure underneath. The Frame kitchen is painted in two colours, one colour on the outside and another on the inside. 

We have carefully selected six signature colors that are an important part of our design dna. All six colours have their own distinct personality, and at the same time, they all complement one another. Mix and match your favorite combination.

Inspiration FRAME

We have visited many of our clients after their kitchen was installed, and been fortunate to photograph a great number of them. Browse our kitchen projects and read about them in the client's own words.


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