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Stilleben_frame kitchen_hvass grey_21.jpg

Frame No. 36

TYPE   Frame Kitchen

SIZE   12 cabinets

COLOUR   Hvass Grey / Clear Blue

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Silestone, Coral Clay

ARCHITECT  Ditlev Rahbek

LOCATION   Frederiksberg, Denmark

Dea & Rasmus

To Dea and Rasmus, sustainability means prioritizing durable materials and classic design. In their red brick house from 1930 they have had a Frame Kitchen built in the colours Hvass Grey and Clear Blue.
“We went through many considerations when building our kitchen. The spacious room gave us many options and we tested several ideas. Together with Stillark we came up with a solution that created a lot of open space in the room. There’s
room for playing with the kids, and our bench is ideal for reading and drinking coffee. The kitchen has become an important space to us.”

Stilleben_frame kitchen_hvass grey_22.jpg
Magnoliavej 9.jpg

“Sustainability was important to us when choosing a kitchen. Durable materials and a classic design were crucial. This kitchen is long-lasting, and we can repaint it at some point if needed. It was also important to us that the wood is sourced from sustainable forestry and that Stillark aims to do sustainable business. With its beautiful shape and functionality, the bench is our favorite part of the kitchen. The kids use it for playing and stand on it when cooking with us. We’re also very excited about the blue colour on the inside. Working with Stillark has been fantastic.  We have experienced high quality in the craftsmanship, the final result, the design and the advice throughout the entire process.”

Magnoliavej 2.jpg
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