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Section No. 221




TYPE   Section Kitchen

SIZE   7 cabinets + bench

COLOUR   Limestone

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Silestone

ARCHITECT  Ditlev Rahbek

LOCATION   Copenhagen, Denmark

Emma & Jonas

E - I clearly remember the first time I saw a Stillark kitchen. It was Terracotta coloured, and I just thought it was gorgeous. But it wasn't just the kitchen design that grabbed me - then I discovered the entire Stillark universe, the colour cabinet, shelf, stool and lamps.


This was actually before the two of us had moved in together, and at that time we talked a lot about dreams for the future, as you do when you are newly in love. I remember we said that if the two of us were to live together one day, we should have a Stillark kitchen.

23.05.08_EmmaSehestedHøeg_Section_PRO5 [Gendannet].png

J – Yes, we had definitely put the Stillark kitchen on a pedestal. There were no other kitchens we dreamed of. And then we moved in together. You moved in with me and we started a huge renovation.
E – The room with the kitchen is very central in the flat. So when we started renovating, we thought again about the Stillark kitchen we had seen and dreamed about.
J - When we got hold of Stillark and got to look at your kitchens properly, we immediately realized how well built they are. That the high quality materials makes the kitchens sustainable. But they are also visually sustainable because of the timeless design.

What is important to you when decorating your home?

J - I have bought the chair I have been looking at for ten years, thinking it will outlive me. That's the way I like to think of our home. That it may well take a long time to find furniture, but when we finally buy something, we’ll keep it. I'd rather spend a slightly larger amount once on things for the home that I know we will continue appreciating, than buy cheaper things that you quickly come to want to replace. 


Tell us how you use your kitchen today

E - Jonas, you have really taught me something in relation to having guests over. I always wanted everything to be prepared before my guests arrived. Everything had to be ready when they walked through the door. You have taught me the joy of inviting people over and be social whilst you are still in the kitchen cooking and preparing things.

J - I really like hanging out in the kitchen. That was also why I bought the high stool in for the kitchen. Now you can sit there with a drink or a cup of coffee and be with the person cooking. The kitchen layout we have now has opened up the room, creating a wonderful spot at home where we can be together in our everyday lives.
E - We are also really happy about the long bench from Stillark. It frames the kitchen space so nicely, has practical storage in the drawers, and makes room for many dinner guests."

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