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Section No. 209




TYPE   Section Kitchen

SIZE   9 cabinets

COLOUR   Limestone

HANDLES   Chrome


ARCHITECT  Anja F. Larsen

LOCATION   Brønshøj, Denmark

Lærke & Sune

Lærke and Sune were among the first of Stillark's customers, and the kitchen we built for their Copenhagen apartment back in 2018 was a Hvass Gray Frame Kitchen, and project number 06. Now they have moved to a house in Brønshøj and chosen a Section Kitchen in the color Limestone, for their new home.


L. We have had a long period where we have been really busy, also because we took over the house and moved in here in February. And I have to say, it has been so great being able to trust you as a kitchen company 100%. Stillark's deadlines have been met and your advice and support have been available throughout.


S. Yes, the process has run smoothly, it has all been so easy and so nice. We were completely sure, that we would get good and competent advice. We knew we would work with someone who had respect for the context, and who understood our house and our needs. 

23.01.11.PRO_Lærke Bagger.png

L. We knew that the kitchen would be top quality because we have had a Stillark kitchen before. We knew we wanted a good kitchen that would last and continue to look good. We lived with our first Stillark kitchen in our apartment for five years, and that kitchen was used hard, as a kitchen is by a family with children, and it was just as nice when we moved out. The style of a Stillark kitchen is also timeless, and that's really cool.


S. Yes, the kitchen fit very well in our first apartment, and it fits just as well in this house!

Your first Stillark kitchen that you had in the apartment, it was its own room, and the kitchen you have now is more open and integrated with other parts of the house. How is that different?

S. In a way, this kitchen is a combination of being both an open and closed space.


L. It's funny because when we moved to the flat, you (Sune) wanted a closed kitchen, and I dreamed of an open kitchen that connected to the livingroom. And now we kind of have both. 


S. This is really perfect for us that you can participate in what's going on in the rest of the room, but and if you wish to have some time to yourself when cooking, you have that too. 


L. Stillark's kitchens are so beautiful and so clean in their expression that they give space to those who live there. I think it is one of the best things about your kitchens, that they look fantastic in so many different contexts and styles.


S. I agree that the kitchen does not become a design statement in itself, but a superb framework for the things you want to put into it. It means a lot to us that we have this solid and beautiful frame in which we can put our personal things, which say something about us. And at the same time, it is also a very important workplace for us in our everyday life.

L. And our bench is just so wonderful

S. When we have guests, someone is often standing in the kitchen and someone else is in the living room, and the bench connects the social aspects of the entire room in a very nice way. Our children also use it a lot. They build huts by it when they have friends over, and whoever lives on the bench lives upstairs.


L. I also use it myself a lot in the morning, when I haven't quite woken up yet and just need a moment before the day starts. This morning, for example, I sat there for five minutes while you (Sune) sat with the children at the table eating breakfast. I think that’s a really great thing about the bench, that you can pull back a little and sit there, but at the same time be part of what's happening.

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