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Section No. 101

TYPE   Section Kitchen

SIZE   7 + 8 cabinets

COLOUR   Terracotta / Misty Blue

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Fenix Laminate


LOCATION   Valby, Denmark

Generational home

In this project the clients turned a beautiful old villa in Valby into a multi-generational home for their family. Remodeling upstairs into a home for the grandparents and downstairs into a home for the daughter, her husband and their two children. This setup involved installing a kitchen on each floor.
We wanted to keep the look of the two kitchens simil
ar but still distinct and personal to accommodate the families’ individual styles. Downstairs the family chose the Terracotta colour and upstairs they went for a Misty Blue version. Both kitchens needed to be compact to fit within the space, but still include all necessities.

Overbys_alle 20.jpg
Overbys_Alle 8.jpg

By restoring the existing shelves and wall-paneling downstairs, the kitchen cabinets settle neatly into the space, merging seamlessly with the atmosphere of the house. This pulls the kitchen in a more traditional direction, whereas the bare walls upstairs make the kitchen read more contemporary. The balance between new and old in this house is kept very neat - restoring existing details, only adding new where needed.

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