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Section No. 10

TYPE   Section Kitchen

SIZE   14 cabinets

COLOUR   Limestone

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Silestone, Coral Clay

ARCHITECT  Bastian Grosvig

LOCATION   Farum, Denmark


What do you do when you turn 80 and retire after a long career? While some might feel it’s time to slow down and take it easy Frida felt differently. Not wanting to get bored, she decided to build herself a new home. Located close to nature in a little town north of Copenhagen, the house was built by Entasis Architects. The customer's name is Frida, a retired nurse who celebrated her 80th birthday a few years ago.

Stillark delivered the crafted kitchen, the bathroom fittings and the wardrobe. When we visited Frida to photograph the project, she welcomed us saying “either you accept and go all in, or you just say no”. Frida went all in and with her acceptance came no objections but a little disproof of our taste in glass and ceramics as we moved around furniture and redecorated her kitchen on a Wednesday afternoon.


Frida’s home is a place where old meets new and where every object has a story. Passing her bookcases in the hallway she lets us know that she bought them 53 years ago for 400 DKK – an expensive choice when making a living as a young nurse in the 1960s. The same goes for her VIPP waste dispenser, her vintage crystal glasses and her linoleum work desk that has followed her most of her adult life. Then as now Frida prioritizes high quality: ”What seems most expensive now will be the least expensive in the long run,” as she says.

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Having served as a nurse for many years before running wig store for cancer patients, Frida is motivated by a desire to help others. When she accepted our request to come photograph her kitchen, her biggest wish is that in return we credit Signe Cold who is the architect behind the house. Frida met Signe Cold many years ago, when Signe got ill at a young age. As society and workplaces, we need to give people who have suffered from severe illness a chance to regain their careers, says Frida. In her opinion Signe Cold is a fantastic example of a strong woman who has accomplished much despite facing big challenges in life.
We want to thank Frida for letting us photograph her home.

”What seems most expensive now will be the least expensive in the long run” 


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