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Frame No. 85

TYPE   Frame Kitchen

SIZE   19 cabinets

COLOUR   Stormy Grey / Clear Blue


TABLETOP   Silestone, Coral Clay

ARCHITECT  Ditlev Rahbek

LOCATION   Birkerød, Denmark

Louise & Jonas

When Jonas and Louise bought their house in 2021, they faced a large renovation project that required planning and many decisions. Both strong-willed, they found a common way to create the dream house for their family of four.

Louise: "Our house was built in 1933 in a neoclassical style. When we first found the house, it was me who had to be convinced that it was the right one, but Jonas fell in love immediately. From the moment he saw the front door, he was ready to give his left arm to live in this particular house. My first thought was that this was going to require a lot of work and renovation before we could comfortably live here as a family."

Birkerod 22.jpg

Jonas: "I thought we could renovate over a longer period of time, take it little by little, room by room, but Louise wasn't ready for that. Louise is always the realist and I'm the dreamer and we always end up somewhere in between. "

Louise: "We reviewed the floor plan again and again to find out what it would require of us before the house could be ready for a family with two children."

Louise: "I had seen Stillark's kitchens long before we bought the house and I knew that I wanted one. We had installed a wooden kitchen in our old house and this time I wanted some colour, but at the same time retain the qualities of a wooden kitchen. Stillark has a beautifully harmonized colour scheme which made me feel confident in choosing the colour. You (Jonas) needed some convincing to get a painted kitchen. But when you saw that the wood grain was still visible through the paint, you really liked it.”

Birkerod 32.jpg
Birkerod 47x_edited.jpg

Jonas: "Yes, and also the subtle magnetic closure made me think - okay, there's a certain feel to this kitchen that I'm really impressed with."

Louise: "Jonas stood and opened and closed the cabinet again and again because he thought it was so technically smooth."

Jonas: “There was an honesty in the advice we received. We had an architect who was ready to dream with us, with an understanding of architecture, space and how to make things look beautiful. But always with a focus on how to make a functional and practical kitchen for daily use. I found the honest advice very valuable, as Louise and I can easily make all sorts of unrealistic kitchen plans. Here we worked with an incredibly competent architect who told us: Yes, we can do it, but you will not be satisfied with that solution in the long run, I propose this solution instead. So with that starting point, we started building a realistic kitchen dream, which also ended up being the most beautiful solution."

Birkerod 36.jpg
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