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Stilleben_frame kitchen_misty blue_04.jpg

Frame No. 60

TYPE   Frame Kitchen

SIZE   10 cabinets

COLOUR   Misty Blue / Hvass / Terracotta

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Linoleum

ARCHITECT   Nina Othel

LOCATION   Frederiksberg, Denmark

Julia & Rasmus

"We wanted to create a bright and spacious home that is equally functional and aesthetic. We decided on natural materials, simple design with clean lines and colourful interiors that add a pleasant atmosphere. The previous owner painted the rooms in different colours - yellow, green, red, blue and grey. We have started from that idea, but with more modern nuances."

Triers_Plads 7 - brug IKKE.jpg
Triers_Plads 15.jpg

"We moved the kitchen from a smaller room to the largest room of the apartment and former living room. Now that the kitchen has been given a more central location, aesthetics have of course had great importance. We love the simplicity and the visible wood grain. It's amazing to see how the colour of the kitchen changes during the day. When you look at the kitchen from the living room, it looks like a piece of furniture. It is very elegant and you sense the high quality. We are sure that the quality and simplicity will make it relevant even in 50 years."

Triers_Plads 3.jpg
Triers_Plads 17.jpg

"This is where we spend 80% of our time at home."

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