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Frame No. 37




TYPE   Frame Kitchen

SIZE   11 cabinets

COLOUR   Hvass Grey / Clear Blue


TABLETOP   Silestone, Coral Clay

ARCHITECT  Ditlev Rahbek

LOCATION   Østerbro, Denmark

Rikke & Thomas

“The guidance and advice we got from Stillark was crucial when choosing our kitchen. Our red brick house from 1935 is designed by the modernist architect Svend Fournais. The original floor plan of the house was not very practical, so we moved the kitchen to our former dining room and the former kitchen room is now a bedroom. The house is quite understated but there’s an attention to detail, and the materials are high quality. We wanted the same for our kitchen. Stillark have a simple design with beautiful details in the woodwork and in the colour combinations. It’s high quality craftsmanship. It can stand the usage of a family with young children. With the right maintenance and care, it will be as long-lasting as the house itself.”

Østerled 8.jpg

Architect’s tip​

Designing for large spaces present different challenges than small spaces. The challenge with large spaces is to get the proportions right, getting the right balance between cabinets, floorspace, pathways etc. Some-times a kitchen island is the way to go and sometimes it is not, it all depends. Free floorspace is great for letting the light pass through the room, and enough floorspace creates good workflow and pathways in the kitchen. A great solution for big spaces, where an island is not preferred, is to feature a separate piece of furniture to extent the kitchen. A sideboard can provide vital extra counterspace and storage. A detached sideboard will also present as a drop-off-zone for miscellaneous items such as mail, magazines, phone-chargers and other pocket loot. This is a very practical zone to incorporate into your kitchen, as these random items will creep on to the counterspace eventually – the trick is to give them a home so they don’t clutter too much.

Østerled 6.jpg
Østerled 9.jpg
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