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Section No. 106

TYPE   Section Kitchen

SIZE   14 cabinets

COLOUR   Limestone

HANDLES   Chrome


LOCATION   Hvidovre, Denmark

Camilla & Mikkel

We live in a house from the 60s. For us it was important to find a kitchen that matched the original expression which the house was born with. The style of the kitchen must not be too romantic, but we also did not want it to be too neutral or impersonal.


We have a feeling that we really preserved the soul of the house by putting in a Stillark kitchen. Keeping the soul has been a very important part of our entire renovation. Of course, we also had a desire to modernize, but we wished to do it in a way that leaves no doubt about the type of house we are living in.  


The house was designed by an architect in 1963. The person who designed the house was also a master mason. He built it himself - so every brick was laid by him. The house is built in yellow bricks, it has a flat roof and big windows all around. It is a very classic 60s house. We made a big investment in the renovation in relation to the windows. They had to be replaced by ones mades in oak. 



The bench was also very important for us when choosing a kitchen from Stillark. It works incredibly well. There is always someone sitting on that bench. Our children is sitting there every day, they always drag pillows and mattresses over there. When I have friends over, they are always sitting there with a cup of coffee.


Throughout the process, we have been able to feel how worked thought all the details are. The features connected to the kitchen are well worked through out with a focus on simplicity and function. We are super happy with the beautiful insert trays that we use in the larger drawers, because they provide more storage for cups and glasses.


I am very inspired by the 60s and by Japanese interior. Materials are very important to me. In our home, we have many natural materials. Our floorboards are solid wood and full length, they are soap treated with notches and marks from our everyday life. The wide of the floorboards are 40 cm, and this gives an enormous sense of nature inside the house. Also, because of our large, beautiful oak window sections, I feel like we have brought our garden inside the house. 


"Our Stillark kitchen is built of good materials. It's simple and straightforward, and we really appreciate that!"


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