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Section No. 116

TYPE   Section Kitchen

SIZE   12 cabinets

COLOUR   Clear Blue

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Brushed steel

ARCHITECT  Mark de Vos Dalhoum

LOCATION   Svinkløv, Denmark


Vibeke & Jesper

This kitchen serves as the focal point of the house. It is located in the center of the living area, the largest room in the house. The kitchen consists of three parts. The first part is the freestanding kitchen island with open storage for the family's ceramics and cookbooks beautifully displayed against the clear blue backdrop. The second part is a tall cabinet wall that ends in a bench, positioned along the back wall to let in as much light as possible. The third part is a piece of furniture positioned between the window and the glass patio door. Steel countertops with an integrated sink and stove provide a durable workspace, and the cool steel complements the wooden fronts of the cabinets.

"The Clear Blue colour brings so much joy - all our guests always comment on it and smile. We love our blue kitchen." 




Svinkløv 8-kopi.jpg
Svinkløv 4_crop.jpg

Architect’s tip

Open storage is a very lovely way of displaying your tableware, cookware and personal style. And it’s very practical to always have your items right at hand when cooking. But open storage can require some maintenance to keep from looking too cluttered and untidy (especially with small children in the house). It’s a matter of personal preference, but in my opinion a little clutter here and there should just be embraced. The kitchen is first and foremost a workspace, and you will clutter and declutter this space constantly, that’s just how kitchens work. There is no right or wrong, just consider what kind of space you want, and how you would like to manage it.

Svinkløv 1_insta-kopi.jpg
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