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Section No. 13

TYPE   Section Kitchen

SIZE   15 cabinets

COLOUR   Hvass Grey


TABLETOP   Fenix Laminate

ARCHITECT  Bastian Grosvig, Nina Othel

LOCATION   Espergærde, Denmark

Sofie & Mark

This Section Kitchen was built in an old Victorian summer house that recently became a multi-generational home for a modern family that has made it a priority to spend more time together.

“Our house is a classic Victorian summer house from 1918. My husband, our daughter and I left the city for more space and to be close to nature, and also to be closer as a family. We bought the house together with my mother and started our very own multigenerational home. We made it a priority to be together. It is such a joy to witness the growing relationship between our daughter and her grandmother. They can disappear together for hours. My mother feels safe living with her family and it is a gift for us to have an extra adult in the house."


"It's like a piece of furniture in our living room."



Espergare 5x.jpg

"We chose a solution with a large kitchen island and an extra sink. The island has become our absolute favorite part of the kitchen. It gives us many workstations and a lot of space when we make homemade pizzas, pasta or other baking projects. At the same time, it is ideal for social gatherings. You can cook dinner on one side and drink wine on the other. We're pretty strict about always keeping the island clean and ready for cooking projects."

“We are all quite picky when it comes to materials and craftsmanship solutions, and it was a challenge to find a kitchen that matched our preferences without being a custom-built kitchen. Stillark's kitchen was an ideal solution. We felt very safe and immediately sensed that every detail had been thought through. From how the hinges and handles are positioned, to the depth of the plinth in relation to the cabinets. We didn't have to think about all the details that we would otherwise have to micromanage in a special kitchen. The decisions had already been made and we agreed with each one.”

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