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Frame No. 2

TYPE   Frame Kitchen

SIZE   8 cabinets

COLOUR   Hvass Grey / Terracotta

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Linoleum

ARCHITECT  Ditlev Rahbek

LOCATION   Vesterbro, Denmark


My kitchen is located in a former living room with high ceilings and stucco. I was looking for a kitchen that suited the room – it had to be classic, but not old-fashioned. When I discovered the kitchen from Stillark, it was love at first sight. It has the advantages of a classic kitchen and is very modern at the same time. Kitchens are made for cooking and over time they wear out. That's why I wanted a functional kitchen that I wasn't afraid to use. But of course I also wanted a beautiful kitchen. A hand painted kitchen has a beautiful finish and is durable as I can repair it myself compared to a glossy kitchen made of plywood. My new kitchen is practical and very luxurious without being showy. I love when the light hits the painted surfaces – it creates a special and organic expression.”

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