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Kitchens and furniture — built to last.

Stillark is an architecture studio dedicated to the kitchen space. Our daily mission is to improve homes by creating kitchens that can last a lifetime. Our furniture collection embodies the same philosophy as our kitchens with a focus on simplicity, functionality and craftsmanship.


Our Clear Blue Rug is the latest design from Stillark. Rugs are a great way to add colour to your kitchen. Apart from giving your space warmth and personality, it also serve a practical purpose by providing a soft and comfortable surface, enhancing your daily kitchen experience. 

Stillark snedkerkøkken og tæpper i farven Clear Blue
Tæpper fra Stillark

Kitchen inspiration

We are committed to helping our clients build the kitchen of their dreams. Browse our recent projects and start envisioning your own possibilities with Stillark's designs.

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