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We are architects, and the work we do everyday is about improving homes by creating kitchens that can last a lifetime. Our furniture collection is designed and built with the same philosophy as our kitchens with a focus on simplicity, functionality and a solid construction that can last. 

Responsible advice

When going through the process of buying a kitchen from Stillark, you are working closely with one of our architects. With our two kitchen models Frame and Section kitchen, we already have made the defining choices in terms of design and materials. This means that the architect and customer can focus on the kitchen’s layout and functionality. When we draw kitchens for our customers, the architect's starting point is always rational solutions. This focus enables us to give customers sustainable advice when choosing a new kitchen. By carefully consider the need for storage and workspace, we can avoid building kitchens that are larger than they need to be.


It’s not about reinventing the wheel, nor is it about making something like it once looked. It’s about learning from others and their experiences. I had many discussions with our cabinetmaker about how we could build things that last a long time. And if you build a kitchen that can last, it’s going to look like our kitchen.

Ditlev Rahbek

Architect and founder of Stillark

Ditlev Rahbek

Architect and founder of Stillark

Ditlev Rahbek

Architect and founder of Stillark

Design details FRAME

We have designed a kitchen that can last a lifetime, both in quality and in style. Everyday spent in it's company will increase the appreciation for it's calm simplicity. The luxury lies in that every design detail is carefully selected and that we have made sure, each of them can survive everyday use as well as changing trends.

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Frame No. 2

TYPE   Frame Kitchen

SIZE   8 cabinets

COLOUR   Hvass Grey / Terracotta

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Linoleum

ARCHITECT  Ditlev Rahbek

LOCATION   Vesterbro, Denmark

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