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Aarhus 8.jpg

Frame No. 80

TYPE   Frame Kitchen

SIZE   10 cabinets

COLOUR   Misty Blue / Terracotta


TABLETOP   Fenix Laminate

ARCHITECT   Bastian Grosvig

LOCATION   Aarhus, Denmark

Sara & Kristian

When Sara and Kristian moved into their house three years ago, they decided to renovate it at a slow pace. They wanted to keep the original style of the house and carefully, little by little, they began to remove the layers and discovered what was underneath.

Aarhus 1.jpg

“Previous owners had put up plaster walls and when we took them down we found the original wood paneling underneath. The house is from 1947 and both the facade and the walls indoors are painted wooden panels. When we moved in, there was a very worn out Ikea kitchen. It also had upper cupboards and we found these to be in the way when we worked in the kitchen. In the end, we decided to find a kitchen that made sense for us. When we started looking, it was just as important to us that the kitchen was sustainable as that it fit the house in a natural way. Stillark's high quality lived up to our expectations of a durable kitchen and we could see that the design could be integrated into the house for an equally long time."

Aarhus 10.jpg

“Stillark had clearly thought about the sustainable aspects of their kitchen throughout the process and made some careful considerations which made us very comfortable in deciding on a new kitchen. It was clear that Stillark's kitchen would last a very long time. In terms of design, we also thought that Stillark's kitchen would be a good match for our house. We were not interested in a 'futuristic' kitchen with advanced and technical solutions. The kitchen had personality, beautifully textured wood and we really liked the different colours we could choose from."

"Together with Bastian from Stillark, we found out how we could make the most out of the kitchen space. We both enjoy working in the kitchen and now there is room for both of us. The bench has also become an essential place in the house. Every morning when our seven-year-old son wakes up, he goes straight to the bench where he slowly wakes up while waiting for breakfast to be ready. It's a great way to be together."

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