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Frame No. 57




TYPE   Frame Kitchen

SIZE   11 cabinets

COLOUR   Limestone / Terracotta

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Silestone, Coral Clay

ARCHITECT   Ditlev Rahbek

LOCATION   Valby, Denmark

Mette & Lamin

In a red brick house from 1942, Mette and Lamin have furnished their home with sustainable design and good craftsmanship. They like high quality and durable design, but don't want things to be showy.

Mette: "For me, an old brick house is good and solid craftsm
anship. It has an older charm that I really like and it fits our personal style well. We love design and beautiful details, but we don't like things that are showy. It is probably our Jutland roots that shine through.”

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Lamin: "We like to live among things that last - classic design that still feels up to date. Like our Børge Morgensen dining table and our Hans Wegner chairs, which have had a long life but still feel relevant. They are timeless. When it comes to our house and how we decorate it, we have great respect for good craftsmanship - this also applies to our kitchen."

Mette: "We fell in love with the kitchen from Stillark because we think it is incredibly beautiful and because we discovered that there was a huge difference in quality compared to other kitchens we looked at."

Lamin: "We knew we wanted a painted kitchen and we thought Stillark could handle that particular style. We haven't seen colour combinations like Stillarks before. Mette especially liked the visible wood grain and I have to say that I agree."

Mette: "It was also important to Lamin that the kitchen fit our living room. It should not look too much like a proper kitchen, but more like a piece of furniture that you would enjoy looking at from other rooms in the house.”

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