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PH_Kokkeldal 2.jpg

Section No. 95




TYPE   Section Kitchen

SIZE   10 cabinets

COLOUR   Misty Blue / Hvass Grey

HANDLES   Chrome

TABLETOP   Fenix Laminate

ARCHITECT  Mark de Vos Dalhoum

LOCATION   Valby, Denmark

Vibe & Henrik

Stillark was commissioned to design and build a kitchen for a house made by the famous Danish architect Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) – also called PH. The house is located in Hørsholm and today home for Henrik, Vibe and their two children.

Our architect Mark, has worked with the couple throughout the process. Below, Mark describes their considerations and how he prepared the kitchen's solutions and options.

23.04.11_Horsholm Henrik Marstal_Plan.png

"Henrik and Vibe were very proud and happy with their house. They had a very careful and thorough approach to the kitchen they had to design and build and didn't really have other kitchen companies in mind when they decided we had perfect kitchen for their home. The kitchen area has a special detail, which is a floor-level window due to a former pantry on the lower level. Henrik and Vibe had removed the few steps down to the pantry and leveled the floor with the rest of the room. Since the house is made by Poul Henningsen it is partially listed, so you are not allowed to move windows or change the facade. We chose to use the lower window and place a bench next to it. By doing this, we have created a nice place where you can sit with your coffee or a glass of wine close to the light. The window gives a lovely light into the room, with a peaceful and calm character which I think the kitchen helps to highlight."

PH_Kokkeldal 3.jpg

"At Stillark, we have a very functionalist approach when working with the customer's space. The design of our two kitchen models is already in place and therefore the architect can fully focus on maximizing the potential of the space through interior design and combination of elements. This kitchen consists of a long side with sink and hob. The sink is located close to the window. Opposite there are tall cabinets and an integrated bench with space to hang out. It is therefore a very classic split kitchen with the low and high sections separately. This solution creates a large work space on one side of the room which is kept open and full of light. The tall cabinets are placed so that they do not get in the way of the light from the window."

"Henrik and Vibe had an idea that they wanted something that they added not only to their home but to the house itself. Not just something for themselves, but maybe also something for the next owners. It was something they gave the house. To me, that's a really good thought."

“They spent a really long time choosing the right colours. They saw it as a whole together with the house. PH had also used some special colours in the house which relate to the lamps he made. There were actually some of the colours in his lamps that were repeated in the house or had originally been in the house. That's why Henrik and Vibe spent a lot of time looking at colours and examining them at home. For their walls they have created a colour themselves based on a light blue coffee cup they have at home and that they are very happy with. They took the cup to the local paint shop. For the kitchen itself they wanted it to be calm, but they were also okay with it being colourful. So we ended up with a Hvass Grey and Misty Blue kitchen. The best of both worlds.”

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